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Five Ways to Improve Liquidity Ratios

One thing that many businesses look for in their efforts to grow and succeed is an improvement in liquidity ratios. What is business liquidity and how can you improve it? What Is Liquidity? Liquidity refers to your business’ ability to access enough cash to pay off any immediate or short-term — within a year or […]

Business Contracts & Agreements for Small Businesses

No business can function without dealing with contracts, but what exactly do you need to know about small business contracts? You might be wondering which contracts and legal documents you’ll need to start your business, as well as the kind of contracts you might have to deal with on a regular basis. What are the […]

How to Protect Intellectual Property

A great deal of talk today is about intellectual property rights and the importance of intellectual property. What is intellectual property, and how do you get intellectual property protection? What Is Intellectual Property? Every great business starts with a great idea. However, if every time you tried to build a company based on your idea, […]

Cash Flow Management Tips for Small Businesses

Anyone who manages a business understands that cash flow is important. But to fully appreciate the importance of cash flow and how to deal with cash flow problems, it’s important to understand what specifically we mean by cash flow when it comes to business. Once we have a clear cash flow definition, we can think […]