We understand your dream and have the tools to help.

Our self business assessment questionnaire is designed to help pinpoint areas in your small to medium-sized business, where positive change can lead to growth. While all questions are not required, the more information that you can provide, the more our team of business experts can understand your situation, your goals and how we can facilitate the necessary changes to help meet your goals.

Upon completion, we’ll review your information and reach out to schedule a no-obligation consultation where we can talk through your provided information.

Depending on your answers, this form can take anywhere from 15-60 minutes to complete. 

Self Business Assessment Questionnaire
Preferred Time To Call You *

About You...

Did you start, inherit or purchase this business?
Are you satisfied with your experience as a small business owner?
Do you have a good balance between your business, work, personal life, health & fun?
Do you have a clear idea of the kind of life you want to experience daily?
Do you have a clear picture of what you're vision and values are?
Do you work more hours than anyone else in the business?
Are you an inspirational leader?
Do you use a time management system?

About Your Vision...

Your vision for your business is to: *

About Your Customer...

Where are your customers located?
Do your customers clearly understand what specific points distinguish you from the competition?
Are your current marketing activities effective?
Have all potential customers been identified?

About Your Business...

How would you describe your cash flow?
Do you pay your bills on time?
Do you have concerns about debt level within the company?
What payment terms do you require of your customers?
How old are your accounts receivable collections?
What kinds of financial reports do you generate on a regular basis? Check all that apply: *
How often do you generate the reports checked above?
How much of the information obtained from your financial reports do you understand and use?
Are your budgets regularly monitored for future planning and cash flow?
Do you have a close working relationship with your bank and/or investors?
Do your inventory control systems achieve maximum turns and ROI?

About Your People...

In addition to you, how many employees are in a management position?
How consistent are the results your employees produce?
Do you have a Human Resources manager?
Do you have a written organizational chart for your business?
How clearly defined are the positions on your organizational chart?
How often do you conduct employee performance evaluations?
Would there be a serious interruption in the company if any one person left?
Does staff training occur by plan on a regular basis?
Do your managers take he time needed to improve their skills?
Do you have a tested company handbook?

About Your Marketing...

How do you attract the majority of your clients?
What other promotional efforts have you tried?
How effective were your efforts?
Does your company get all the leads it needs?
Can you easily determine the effectiveness of your lead generation activities?
Do you easily obtain referrals?
Do you actively participate in social networking? If so, which platforms?

About Your Sales...

How much do your sales vary from month to month?
What percentage of your sales does your best salesperson produce?
Does your sales team achieve predictable results?
Does your sales team clearly understand what differentiates your company from the competition?
Do you consistently produce enough sales?
Do you hold sales training on a consistent basis?
Do you make the extra effort to handle your customers unreasonable demands?
Do you conduct regular sales meetings?
Does your team work well with your operations team?

About Your Systems...

Are you quick to identify and adapt to changes in your industry?
Do you educate staff and clients about industry trends?
Are your customers happy with your service/product?
How satisfied are you with the systems you use to achieve results?
Do you have a system for quality control?
Which of the following best describes your systems for quality control? We conduct scheduled quality checks...
How many of your customers become repeat buyers?
Do you promise on-time delivery?
How often do you deliver on time?
How often do you find yourself putting out fires?
How many of your systems are documented?
Are your managers open to change within your current systems?

About Your Technology...

Is your computer system comprised of the most up-to-date hardware and software?
Do you perform daily backups?
Is your data backed up off-site?
Do you use financial bookkeeping software?
Which financial bookkeeping software do you use?
Does your software provide detailed financial reports?
Do you have a system that tracks productivity?
Do you use a customer relationship management software program?
Is your computer hardware adequate?
Is your software up-to-date and supported?
Is your staff trained to use your computer software?
Are you trained to use your computer software?
Are you paying for support for your computer and software systems or do you depend on a key employee?

Personal Strengths..

For each of the following characteristics, indicate whether you feel you are that way "always", often", "sometimes" or "never":

Willing to take risk
I inspire others
Willing to sacrifice
Early riser
Clear on my priorities
I work on my plan
Able to get results
I follow business trends
Excel at managing time
Good with people
Fast Learner
Confident public speaker
Open to new ideas
Able to concentrate
Confident leader
Good self image
Able to delegate