5 Challenges Every Business Owner Faces Before “Leveling Up”

For every business owner, challenges represent an opportunity for growth. Initially, however, issues can seem like large obstacles to overcome. The most common challenges facing business owners include: 1. Marketing You may have a great idea, service or product, but it can be difficult to determine how to get your message “out there.” How can you reach the customers most [...]

Do Your Goals Ever Get Past The Strategy Stage?

People love to talk about new ideas. In fact, every January 1st people all over the world sit down and write out “resolutions,” things they are going to change or improve in the new year, and most companies do exactly the same thing. The problem with this exercise is it has no meaning. Everyone has the same strategy. Personal resolutions [...]

7 Goals for Small Business Owners

Goals - The Key To Small Business Success Goals are essential to the long-term success of every small business and for most people, goals are pretty easy to create. Accomplishment is the hard part! This might help: Find an accountability partner who has your best interest at heart. Break the goal down into manageable parts.  Put a deadline to each part.  Share [...]

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