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Employee Retention Credits

As a Business Coach, I have seen firsthand how the pandemic has impacted small companies. PPP was a band-aid. EDIL loans helped, but the Business owner is responsible (often personally) for principle and interest. The length of the term sounds inviting but don’t confuse temporary cash flow for profits. Consider that you will need more monthly profits to repay this [...]

Feast or Famine: Surviving Business Cycles

Inflation, recession, COVID, interest rates rising, and lending drying up are all signs of an economy going bad. Every expense, from insurance to gas, creeps upward daily. So what is your company to do when everything costs more, and your customer base is looking to conserve cash? Your subsequent decisions will decide whether your business thrives or dies in a [...]

Why Hire an Executive Coach

Professionals who move up to top management and C-level positions already possess the knowledge needed for the job. Technical knowledge, however, takes a back seat to the fundamental role of leadership: vision and inspiration. Leadership is the transference of certainty. Stepping into a new position is, by definition, uncertain. Leaders try to balance family, work, sales, operations, money, and employees—no [...]

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How to Create a Business Plan for an HVAC Company

If you're running an HVAC company, you need a business plan to succeed in this seasonal, high-demand industry. A business plan involves several components that allow you to define your mission statement, marketing strategies and funding needs. As your company grows and your needs change, you can update this strategy as needed. Use this guide to create your HVAC business [...]

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Bringing Family Members or Partners Into Your Business

Business owners can be some of the most cynical people in the world Why? Because they fight every day of their lives to overcome frustrations with competitors, lenders, vendors, and employees.  Their initial vision of an easy road fades; replaced with the realities of entrepreneurialism. Regardless of their current level of success, the scars of past battles fought tend to [...]

Surviving in a Family Business

Over 70% of family-owned business fail before they make it to their second generation. Even more dishearteningly, less than one in five will make it to their third and fourth generations, losing that legacy its founders worked to build. What's behind these abysmal success rates? Are family conflicts simply too complicated to overcome? Do family business conflict resolution strategies not [...]

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How to Start a Business From Scratch

You may have a wonderful idea and plenty of drive, but starting a new business is daunting. How can you take your new would-be company from a big goal to a real, tangible organization? It starts by checking off all the boxes and meeting all requirements. Schedule Free Consult Call Starting Your Own Small Business The first step of starting [...]

Businesses That Make Money Right Away

You may want to open your own company for many reasons. Whether it’s a passion for a specific industry or a burning desire to be your own boss, there are many reasons you might want to open the doors. However, one of the biggest reasons for having an organization is to make money. Schedule Free Consult Call   You need [...]

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