As a Business Coach, this is one of the questions I hear most:

“I started my company years ago with almost nothing. Every year it grew until it reached where we are now. We got to that point three years ago, and no matter how hard I try, the numbers always hold around the same. Why can’t I break out and scale my company?”

The answer, challenging but true, is simple. You don’t want to! If I said that out loud, there would be immediate pushback. “I came to you for an answer; you don’t know me.” The truth is we are all the same. We have a comfort zone built around what we can control.  

Think of it this way: Your business volume is like a thermostat in your house; too cold, you turn it up; too hot, you turn it down. Except your business thermostat is set unconsciously. Get too busy, and you immediately seek relief by slowing things down. Too slow, and your mind turns to Sales and Marketing.  

The fear is that if you can’t control everything, mistakes will hurt your reputation and the quality of your offering. You know it is true because, time and time again, you’ve seen it play out. Better to be safe than sorry, right? 

I said that you didn’t want to because if you did, you would change your point of view. As the owner, you would have a vision of how the company must look, act and feel to achieve that vision. You would understand the core concepts that should drive every business. 

  1. People are just who they are – teach them. 
  2. Systems run the business; people run the systems, and managers manage the exceptions. 
  3. Your real business is Marketing, not the items you sell. 

There will indeed be mistakes, but those are opportunities to build and improve systems. Remember, one person runs Amazon, yet they do business with everyone in the country. To scale, you have to change. For that to happen, you need the final secret.  

You don’t have to build it alone! 

Let’s talk if you want to take your company to the next level. Sometimes a different perspective can lead to breakthroughs you never imagined.  

I like the Napolean Hill quote, “If you can conceive and believe it, you can achieve it.” 

But then he reminds us that a Mastermind Group is essential for success.  Contact me today for a free, no-pressure, no-hassle conversation, and let’s share ideas for the future. 

Every Day a Little Stronger!