Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-09-22T08:55:24-04:00
Why do I need a business coach?2021-08-11T18:56:45-04:00

For the same reason top athletes, superstars, and corporate executives all have coaches—because the coach can see the big picture, introduce new ideas, and inspire the best performance.

Are there any long-term contracts to sign?2021-08-11T18:56:25-04:00

No. Either party can cancel with a 30-day written notice.

Do we meet in person or on the phone?2021-08-11T18:56:03-04:00

Both options are available and each has its own unique benefit. The phone is effective and allows uninterrupted focus. A meeting in person at the company enables the coach to see the inner workings of the business and get to know other members of the team. Discuss what fits best for your situation with your coach.

What determines the coaching process?2021-08-11T18:55:42-04:00

A coach identifies friction points and roadblocks that keep the business from achieving the results the owner desires. The meetings are usually broken into two parts: concerns the business owner is faced with right now and training from our proprietary business development system (Bizpods).

How often do we meet?2021-08-11T18:54:57-04:00

Meetings occur two or three times a month to ensure maximum effectiveness with the least interruption in daily activity.

How long do the meetings last?2021-08-11T18:54:38-04:00

The typical structured meeting lasts about an hour. The coach is always available via e-mail for any issues that might arise between meetings, and additional time can be arranged if needed.

How can a coach understand my business?2021-08-11T18:54:10-04:00

You are the expert on your business. The coach is an expert on business development and setting and achieving goals. The job of the coach is not to do your work, but rather to introduce new ideas, help set attainable goals, and achieve results through the implementation of a proven system based on our Bizpods philosophy.

When is the best time to get started and how do we start?2021-08-11T18:53:42-04:00

If you are tired of working too hard and long, consumed with people issues and the frustrations of business ownership, the answer is right now. Call 888-777-0303 today for a no-pressure conversation about coaching.

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