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Our staff maintains a broad knowledge base thanks to years in a variety of industries. From restaurants to CPA firms to insurance agencies, no business is out of the realm of our expertise. Why? Because most companies suffer from the same flaws, and all you need is the right approach supplemented with working knowledge of the industry in question.

Common issues we handle include:

  • Lack of connection to customers

  • Lack of uniqueness in their products/services

  • Lack of communication with the public/employees

  • Failure to train a competent staff

  • Failure to take advantage of a valuable business model

We’ll work to understand where you and your business are coming up short. If you’re not sure of the problem’s exact nature, we’ll comb over its different facets to pin down warning signs and symptoms. Once we have a clear vision of what’s wrong, we can move into developing a comprehensive plan of action, which will include a variety of short- and long-term goals to help get you back on track.

Professional Services Business Coach

The world of entrepreneurship is a tough, merciless one, with potential issues lurking beyond every corner.

Bloomberg reported a few years back that eight out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail after the first 18 months. An 80-percent clip is not encouraging, but it highlights a number of issues that can be prevented if they are recognized and appropriately handled.

Sometimes, an entrepreneur needs to recognize the writing on the wall and call in reinforcements, with one such option being a business development coach. While the criteria and jargon differ, sports coaches and business coaches share in the same primary goal: to educate their pupils about their field and help them to correct their flaws in a healthy, positive way.

Coachfirm has 15 years of experience doing exactly that. We provide the top business coaches in-person throughout southeastern New York, northeastern Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey. We’re also available nationwide to businesses outside of our area through video and teleconferencing! If you’re dealing with issues you need to fix at a fundamental level, we’re ready and willing.

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We’ll implement a variety of tools and approaches during your coaching, primarily our Bizpods(R) Coaching Program. The Bizpods(R) program consists of 45 intensive lessons that will change the way you think about your business. Included in that is our patented S.O.M.E. Method. S.O.M.E., which stands for Sales, Operation, Money and Employees, will carefully examine the different aspects of your business and their individual health. Are you paying too much or too little attention to one of them? S.O.M.E will identify trouble areas and help us to arrange possible solutions.

That all said, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Your business and its circumstances are unique, and we’ll treat them as such. We’ll maintain frequent contact, provide advice and help where we can, but manufacturing change will ultimately fall upon you and your staff.

Our original service area covered Middletown, NY, Paramus, NJ, and Scranton, PA, and you can still take advantage of our coaching services here. Over time, we have also expanded our services to reach across the nation. We now offer our services to businesses in states such as California, Florida and Texas.

Our team stretches from coast to coast to help businesses across the United States achieve their profit and growth goals. If you want access to the top business coaches around, contact us today to schedule your free consultation call.