Executive-Coaching-Pricing-Business-Coaching-Fees-CoachfirmIf you are considering executive coaching services, you are no doubt curious about the cost for a business coach. At Coachfirm, we are confident that the cost of our services are commensurate with the value we provide. Typical business coaching fees run about the same as that of hiring a part-time employee, although unlike a part-time employee, the benefits you receive last for a long time after you have completed paying for the service.

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Executive Coaching Packages for Coachfirm Services

Small business coaching plan costs vary greatly depending upon the extent of your plan and the services you require. To serve you best, rather than charge you for individual sessions, we prefer to put together a coaching package for you and your business. This way, we know how many sessions we have to work with you so that we can create achievable plans and goals for your executive consulting experience.

Factors Affecting Small Business Coaching Plan Costs

There are a number of factors that may affect your coaching plan. The most important is the size of your package. The more sessions you have in your package, the greater the cost, but the greater the value as well. Other factors that may affect your executive package include:

Type of Coaching/Consulting

We offer services ranging from small business executive coaching to IT consulting, HR consulting and more

Level of Coaching/Consulting

If you’re seeking guidance for the owner or C-level executives in a business, you will require higher level coaches and more of our resources, which may be reflected in the coast.

The Way Services Are Provided

You can expect to pay more per person for 1-on-1 coaching or consulting services than for group consulting services.

Contact Coachfirm Today for More Pricing and Fee Information

We will be happy to give you more detailed information on pricing for our services. To give you specific fee and pricing numbers, we will have to learn your specific business information and consultation needs. The important thing to remember is that the benefits of our services can far outweigh the costs with respect to your productivity, growth and bottom line.

Give us a call and we can determine what the costs of our services will be for you and your business. That being said, seeing us in action right now doesn’t have to cost you anything. One of the services we provide is an initial consultation call that is absolutely free. Get a taste of some of our business consulting skills at no cost and no obligation before you decide how you want to proceed. Just contact us to schedule your call today.

If you have a small business, we’re ready to help you take your business to the next level. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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