Executive Coaching Packages for Coachfirm Services

If you are considering hiring a Professional Business Coach to help you solve business frustrations and scale your organization, you are, no doubt, curious about the cost. At Coachfirm, we do things a little differently, we believe in total transparency. There are no long-term contracts, and billing is a month-to-month agreement that either party can cancel with a 30-day written notice.

Coachfirm Business Coaches focus on growing sales and profits, improving operations, maximizing cash flow, and attracting and training the best employees, all for less than the cost of hiring a part-time employee.

Best of all, our results are proven and guaranteed.

For detailed coaching packages and pricing, see below!

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Professional Business Coaching Pricing

Business coaching plan costs vary greatly depending upon the extent of your plan and the services you require. To serve you best, rather than charge you for individual sessions, we prefer to put together a coaching package for you and your business. This way, we know how many sessions we have to work with you so that we can create achievable plans and goals for your executive consulting experience.

Bronze Level: $1,197/month:

For Businesses: Lacking the infrastructure needed to take advantage of the more in-depth programs. This program is designed as a phone-based coaching program.


  • Two 50-minute Executive Phone Coaching sessions per month
  • Access to Coachfirm proprietary materials, templates  & systems
  • Up to 30 minutes critiquing your work

Silver Level: $1,997/month:

For Businesses: With several team members and have strong prospects for growth.


  • Three 50-minute Executive Coaching Sessions per month
  • Complete Bizpods® Online Coaching Program
  • Access to Coachfirm proprietary materials, templates  & systems
  • Up to 60 minutes critiquing your work

Gold Level: $2,497/month:

For Businesses: Determined to achieve significant growth and change over the next six to twelve months.

Goal: This program is designed to aggressively grow your revenue, develop a consistent and effective team, and begin to leverage your business to deliver your ideal lifestyle.


  • Three 90-minute Executive Coaching Sessions per month including up to 3 Partners or C Level positions
  • 1 half-day per quarter – Sales & Financial Review Strategy Meeting
  • Complete Bizpods® Online Coaching Program
  • Access to Coachfirm proprietary materials, templates  & systems
  • Up to 90 minutes critiquing your work

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We will be happy to give you more detailed information about our services. The important thing to remember is that the benefits of our services can far outweigh the costs with respect to your productivity, growth and bottom line.

Give us a call for a complimentary coaching session for your business right now – it doesn’t cost you a thing. Get a taste of some of our business consulting skills at no cost and no obligation before you decide how you want to proceed. Just contact us to schedule your call today.

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