Business Partnership Coaching

Running your own business comes with countless rewards — and its fair share of challenges. Sharing the workload with a business partner maximizes the joys and hardships. Learning how to combine your individual goals and strengths into a thriving professional and personal life doesn’t always come seamlessly. Whether you’re running a brand new startup or have been sharing a business together for decades, it’s important to remember why you decided to team up in the first place — and how to achieve your dreams together.

Business partnership coaching provides the expert guidance you need to overcome conflict and grow your partnership into a vibrant business. Coachfirm is here to offer insight and help your company grow stronger through our unique coaching sessions.

What Is a Business Partnership Coaching Session?

A partnership coaching session is an opportunity for business partners to improve their strategies, resolve conflicts and strengthen their communication skills. During private meetings with a trained coach, you’ll address your company’s goals and identify what obstacles are standing in the way of success. These sessions help you collaborate and refocus on your work relationships, as well as create a positive relationship with your life outside of work.

We also help co-leaders identify ways they can bring their company to the next level, through:

  • Navigating conflict and communication differences.
  • Orienting your company around its core values.
  • Addressing and resolving any problematic patterns.
  • Building a strong sense of company morale.
  • Strategizing ways to improve your company’s sales and performance, if necessary.

What to Expect From a Business Partnership Coaching Session

During a business partnership coaching session, you can expect your voices to be heard. Coaches facilitate goal-centered discussions and provide an active listening ear. As your coach, we’ll offer structure and objective insight — but we’ll personalize our guidance based on what you share.

Sessions are conversation-based, including taking time to get to know your history, roles, perspectives and dreams for the future. We’ll ask meaningful questions about what drives you and what changes you’d like to see. Both partners will have a chance to share openly and equally, strengthening your ability to communicate.

Sessions typically last 60 minutes and can take place in person, on the phone or through video conferencing software.

What Are the Benefits of a Coaching Session?

Relationship coaching for business partners will help you address and overcome any obstacles in your way. Whether you’re dealing with relational conflicts, business barriers or a combination of both, a coaching session can provide the outside perspective you need. We can help resolve any miscommunication, poor balance or tension. Coaching can provide a variety of long-lasting benefits to your company:

  • Increase self-confidence in your skills and potential
  • Discover new ways to leverage your strengths and your partner’s
  • Take action steps toward creating a better work-life balance
  • Focus on specific goals, including creating a timeline and steps for success
  • Improve your ability to ask for and listen to feedback
  • Enhanced communication between you and your partner
  • A renewed sense of purpose and direction for your company’s future

Going through coaching together will also increase the bond between you and your business partner. You likely started out having countless conversations about your dreams and goals. But as your business kicked into gear, you’re hard-pressed to find the time. Partnership coaching focuses on improving your communication and accountability, bringing you and your partner back onto the same page. You’ll experience refocused vision, improved feedback and professional growth as a result.

Five Signs You Need a Coaching Session

Working with a business partner can be incredibly rewarding. You have a teammate to share the struggles of the business world with, and you can use your different skillsets to make each other stronger. However, any business owner will testify that it’s not always smooth sailing. Partnering with another person opens the door to conflict, miscommunication and mismatched visions.

Are you wondering if business partnership coaching might be the remedy to some of your workplace struggles? These five issues signal that it’s time for a coaching session with your partner:

  1. You and your partner feel overwhelmed. Do you feel like your business is running you instead of the other way around? Business coaching can help you find a healthier structure and renewed sense of balance.
  2. You aren’t seeing the results you want. Gaining an objective perspective from an experienced coach can help pinpoint the things standing in the way of your business goals.
  3. You’re struggling with communication. A strong communication rhythm, including effective feedback, is essential to maintaining a healthy partnership. If you’re dealing with conflict, a business coach can help form a bridge between you and your partner.
  4. You have misaligned future goals. When you started your business, you likely shared a vision for the future. Over time, this may have shifted for one or both of you. An outside voice can help you find common ground and identify the direction you want for your business.
  5. You have an unclear division of labor. If your roles aren’t clearly defined, you could be wasting time and energy stepping on each other’s toes. Business partner coaching will guide you toward specific responsibilities that suit you both, and identify any areas where hiring new talent could help.

How We’ve Helped Business Owners

Coachfirm has been coming alongside small business partners since 2003. During these years, we’ve worked with all kinds of companies, including family-owned businesses and large local operations. With guidance from expert coaches, our clients can rebuild relationships, discover new solutions to their problems and communicate a shared sense of vision for the future. Our partnership coaching and mentoring have helped many business partners to:

  • Work through friction points in their working relationship.
  • Rediscover common ground, focus and passion.
  • Find a healthy work-life balance.
  • Identify specific and actionable goals to bring their business to the next level.
  • Create and adhere to a realistic budget.
  • Improve sales and profitability.
  • Restructure workloads to meet each partner’s needs.
  • Renew a sense of spirit and direction.
  • Turn a struggling business into a successful venture.

Check out our company testimonials to learn more about how Coachfirm has helped business partners across all industries.

Revamp Your Business Partnership With a Personalized Coaching Session Today

Signing up for a business partnership coaching session doesn’t mean that your current status quo isn’t working — it just means that it could be working better. Reach out to Coachfirm today to schedule a session or learn more.