In addition to being a rapidly expanding industry, online businesses are appealing to those looking to create a startup due to the advantages they hold over traditional brick-and-mortars, such as not requiring a dedicated base of operations and the potential to better maintain a streamlined administration.

However, small online businesses carry their own sets of disadvantages as well, and they can quickly torpedo any operation if you don’t handle them correctly. The proof is in the research — Business Matters magazine reported that that 90 percent of online businesses fail.

If you want your company included in the other 10 percent, Coachfirm offers business coaching for startups that will help you learn the dos and don’ts of the industry. We’re celebrating our 15th anniversary in 2018, which marks more than a decade of helping businesses through thick and thin.

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What Are the Challenges Online Businesses Face?

Many people who invest in the Internet underestimate the vast amount of work it takes to carve out their space. In some ways, it’s even more difficult than traditional stores. Without a proper understanding of what to expect and how to handle certain aspects, you’ll find your stay on the web to be a short one.

Here are some common issues:

  • Marketing: The Internet is a large place, to put it frankly. With millions of URLs, you need to optimize your online footprint through SEO (search engine optimization) so that it lands in the upper tiers of search inquiries. Utilizing the right keywords, advertisements and meta descriptions will play a large part in your success.
  • Finding the right niche: Not only is the Internet a big place, but it is a competitive one as well. Finding a truly unique idea is difficult, so making an effort to properly position yourself in a particular sector inhabited by top competitors is vital.
  • Technology: Operating a functional website will drastically help drive web traffic for your business. Poorly-made websites don’t make a good first impression, nor do they encourage exploration, both of which are incredibly important aspects of online business.

Whether it’s one of these issues or something else, our staff, which has more than a century of combined experience, can assist. We will dedicate ourselves to helping you become the best version of yourself.

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Business coaching is like personal training. Admitting that you need help and developing a plan with your coach are big steps toward improvement, and we respect that. Your business is unique, and we want you to feel comfortable with every aspect of the process. We implement a variety of different tools and programs, and we’ll tailor them to fit your situation best.

That said, achieving your goals will ultimately fall upon your own shoulders. Coachfirm will gladly provide advice and tips whenever possible, but we can’t directly solve any issues. What you can expect is a confident and reliable third-party observer.

You can take advantage of our services through video conferencing nationwide or in-person near the following cities and the surrounding tri-state area:

  • Scranton, PA
  • Middletown, NY
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If you need a tech career coach, contact us today to schedule your free assessment.

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