Bob knows business. His breath of experience in the field of entrepreneurship is invaluable. His perspectives are diverse and well-informed. A combination of Zen master, PT Barnum, and street fighter, Bob’s opinions are always worth your time.

TestimonialsGreg Sobo, CEO & Founder, Sobo & Sobo LLP

As a small business owner of a general construction company, Bob was a major help, if not a lifeline for me. After making a few mistakes in trying to grow my business, I was fortunate enough to find Bob to help teach and guide me along the way and dig out of a hole.

I would recommend Bob to anyone thinking about growing their business to help prevent the errors I made. I am very thankful for Bob’s mentorship as we are in a far better place now than we were eighteen months ago when I first found him.

It is much better to be proactive in your growth by partnering with someone who has the knowledge and the foresight to prevent the mishaps along the way.

TestimonialsJason Dohl, Dohl General Construction, LLC
I’ve always wanted to work with a business coach, but just couldn’t seem to find the right person until I met Bob. He is incredibly knowledgeable, genuine and focused on how I can live my best life while excelling in my career. He’s taught me so much in a short amount of time and continues to keep me on track with professional and personal goals while enjoying the journey. As Executive Vice President of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, I highly recommend Bob to any business out there looking to get organized, increase sales and strategize for the future, all while enjoying life!
TestimonialsMarlyn Kissner, Executive Vice President, Northern Region
Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce
Carbon Chamber and Economic Development

We, fortunately, found Coach Bob online after trying in vain to find an outside source to help us revamp our successful niche refinishing business.

After years of trying to run our company by myself and two partners, it became quite evident that although we knew how to make money, we had slowly lost the ability to expand our lives away from the business.

After initial discussions with the “coach”, we entered into an agreement, with no strings attached, to try Bob out.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that running a successful business is not a complicated process if you have proper systems in place…..and a few important hires that we had been hesitant to do previously.

With Coach Bob’s dedicated assistance, we have begun to feel big changes, not only in our business life, but in our personal lives. Next project… learning to use our new-found leisure time!

TestimonialsBob Koeck, The Keck Group Inc.

I have worked with Bob for a number of years and he has provided me the focus to pursue my goals and achieve them. Bob was not afraid to give me an accurate assessment of my business and challenged me to stick with those areas I enjoyed and delegate the balance. Bob took a genuine interest in both my professional and personal life so he better understood how to motivate me. With the help of Bob I was able to transition my business which is allowing me faster growth and a better quality of life.

TestimonialsJeffery Roth, Jeffery Roth Insurance Agency
I have had the privilege to work with Bob Scott for many years. He has had a tremendous impact on my success as both an employee and a business owner in the diamond and jewelry industry. Bob has a wealth of business knowledge, practical real world experience, and an unique ability to communicate with all types of people. I feel confidant to have someone as talented as Bob Scott as a business coach, mentor, and friend by my side as I encounter any future business challenges.
TestimonialsJay Scharf, J. Scharf Jewelers
I have had the pleasure of knowing Bob for many years. His unique view of business has provided my with tremendous insights into my business. Many of these insights are game changing and Bob has a way of explaining the issue and solution in a concise manner, which helps in the implementation. More importantly I would call Bob a friend and that means more to me then any business we do together.
TestimonialsRobert M. Bowen, Jr. , Commercial Insurance

Just wanted to say thanks Bob, for the planning and guidance you provided to me. The numbers speak for themselves. Our sales have more than doubled, our net retained earnings are up 7%, our overdue receivables have declined by 40% and our workforce has doubled.

Many thanks…everyone deserves to reach the “top of the snowman.” All it takes is education and hard work.

TestimonialsAndy Culuris, HIG Services
I started working with Bob after I suffered a personal tragedy. With the direction from Bob I was able to return my company to profitability in less than one year, and have a different outlook on life.
TestimonialsJim Turner, Universal Automotive
I just want to thank Bob for all he’s done for me and the business. When you change my business, you changed my life. Thank You!
TestimonialsAngelo Ferrante, Hudson Valley DKI
I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while, it took another goal, as in the Florida home to make it come out and start. We are up 25% and holding GM and expenses. I have a budget for the first time in five years and this month put us on the money. You were a huge part of scratching my record to get changed to happen. It’s a little delayed but never the less, you were a major help to me to nudge me into a leadership role looking at my business as an asset. Thank You!
TestimonialsEd Engle, Astar Heating & Air Conditioning

Working with Bob gave our company a fresh perspective backed by experience, accountability, and results that had a direct, positive return both financially an spiritually.

Within a few months, Bob rejuvenated our Company spirit, marketing, and direction. We were rewarded with more than just the financial gains.

After sixteen years in business, my partner and I thought we understood our company, our market and ourselves. It took Bob’s strategy to show us how much we didn’t know then and how much we are certain about now.

Bobs methods, structure and design of how my business should look, act, and perform were tracked and proven. When we began using Coachfirm, my partner and I both knew immediately that this was the missing piece to our puzzled business.

TestimonialsRobert Marsh, IDJNow

I hired Bob as a coach a couple of years before the recession. At first, it was to work with me to create a plan for the family and growth issues we were facing. Right away he went to work increasing sales and profits by working directly with the sales team three times a month. He organized and attended the meetings, energized the staff and helped us interview and hire a Sales Manager. Most of all he held everyone accountable and was there, on site, to coach one on one.

Did it work? At the height of the recession, we were in good enough shape to move to a new 90,000 square foot manufacturing facility in New Jersey, purchase needed equipment and open up new markets. Now, five years later we have paid down equipment loans and are poised for the best sales and profit year ever.

TestimonialsMichale Sklar, Manhattan Door Company
Bob has helped us grow both professionally and personally by opening our eyes to different approaches to management. We have worked hand in hand to institute strategic changes and have seen a steady increase in our productivity, profitability and peace of mind.
TestimonialsJoe Cupoli, P & A Auto Parts Group
Bob Scott is an excellent business coach! I have referred him to many of my clients to help them with expansion and growth of their small business, as well as, overall company improvement & leadership development. I have received wonderful feedback from my clients regarding Bob’s involvement with them and their companies! Bob has also referred me many of his business clients and upon meeting them, they have raved about Bob! The common comment amongst them, is they trust Bob completely and wait to consult with him regarding any business decision they make. I would highly recommend Bob Scott, business coach!
TestimonialsNikki Regina, MBA, Financial Advisor