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Focus On More Transactions With Existing Clients First

"If you want to grow your company, focus on more transactions with existing clients first." Everyone loves a new customer. We are programmed to look for more of everything, food, drinks, fun, and life. This drive for something new is a significant issue for your company’s health. It takes a lot more money to attract and convert a new client [...]

2022-03-17T13:43:43-04:00May 3, 2022|Business Blog|

Marketing Is Buying Customers At A Profit – Nothing Else

"A better question than “Who is my customer?” is “Who is not my customer?”" If marketing is an expense in your mind or experience, you’re doing it wrong. Marketing is buying customers at a profit, but the question becomes, how do you know if it is working? The answer is never emotional; it is always mathematical. What is your ROI [...]

2022-03-17T13:39:27-04:00April 28, 2022|Business Blog|

“Who Is Not My Customer?”

"A better question than “Who is my customer?” is “Who is not my customer?”" Strategy begins by asking the right questions, and the most important question of all is, “Who is not my customer?” Why ask that question? It is easier to identify who is not than who is. Once you can see who is not a fit for your [...]

2022-03-17T13:35:26-04:00April 26, 2022|Business Blog|

“Sales Is Vanity – Profit Is Sanity.”

"Sales is vanity – profit is sanity" There is a unique balance between sales, operation, and money. They exist separately yet together, move one, and the rest move as well. If you want to scale your business – know this, it will suck cash! Clients always tell me they want to grow, which is natural. All things grow. The critical [...]

2022-03-17T13:30:30-04:00April 21, 2022|Business Blog|

Where Is The Money?

"Where is the money?" Once, I had a client call me in because they couldn’t pay their bills on time. When I first met with them, the accountant was in the room just finishing up his work. He turned to the owner and said, “You had a good month; you made $42,000” The owner was thrilled. I turned and asked [...]

2022-03-17T13:25:16-04:00April 19, 2022|Business Blog|

Do You Struggle With The Daddy – Daddy Syndrome?

"Do you struggle with the Daddy – Daddy syndrome?" Do employees come up to you all day asking questions, sharing events, and interrupting your thoughts? I call this the Daddy–Daddy syndrome. Daddy, this happened; what should I do? I know it’s sarcastic, but you know it happens all the time. You also know you like it, why, because you feel [...]

2022-03-17T13:20:04-04:00April 14, 2022|Business Blog|

Why Is “Simple” So Hard?

"Why is “simple” so hard?" Ever wonder why some people can accomplish so much in the same amount of time? Distractions are the core reason we struggle to finish what we start in business and life. Distractions will never go away; the trick is creating a firm “Intention” and attaching a time to complete. Don’t beat yourself up for occasional [...]

2022-03-17T13:03:55-04:00April 5, 2022|Business Blog|

Is this how your company runs?

"Systems run the business; people run the systems, and Managers manage the exceptions – Is this how your company runs?" Business is a game, and games have rules and a way to win. As business owners, we too often forget this and take things personally. Emotions replace logic, and instead of growing, we decide to shrink back to where we [...]

2022-03-17T12:59:37-04:00March 31, 2022|Business Blog|
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