Business Challenges

Customers Flow Like Water

As a Business Coach I am often asked, “How can I give my company a competitive advantage in the marketplace?” To which I answer: customers are just like water, they will always seek the easiest way to get what they want. Water going downstream does not care if it goes around or through rock; it […]

Beware The Business Zombie

Disconnected Employees Although thought of as the stuff of science fiction, zombies are alive and well in most small businesses, especially in times of crisis. Employees emotionally disconnected to a vision seek only the peace found in knowing that tomorrow will simply be a repeat of today. Their focus is completely on getting through the […]

Protect Your Business

The best way to protect your company is to remember that you are not your business. Your enterprise is a separate living entity with a life and needs of its own, many of which you may not totally understand right now. Your responsibility to this living entity is very similar to the role you would […]

Beware the Seduction of Social Media

As I sit down to write this article, I know that some people may label me as a heretic. After all, Social Media is everywhere and it is transforming the world as we speak – right? We have all heard about unknowns who developed and marketed a persona on the Internet and now have a […]

The Value to Dollar Equation Has Changed

The ratio of perceived value to dollars paid in every aspect of the world of business has changed. Consumers and vendors alike are looking for extreme value for every dollar they spend on a product or service. You see this challenge everywhere, with the huge discounts offered and even free giveaways to entice you into […]

Tweaking the Tried & True?

If you’re taken with the increasingly popular social media trends and spend any time at all on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook; you could be feeling a little overwhelmed by the multitude of ideas.  I know I am. As business owners we can’t ignore popular trends, but I wonder if the constant learning, re-learning and worrying if we […]

Why Has Your Company Stopped Growing?

This is a very common question from entrepreneurs.  It can seem strange that when you opened your new business sales grew right away, in fact they probably shot right up to where they are today and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to break out and take the company to the next level.  Even […]