What Is A Manager?

When you say the word manager, what people often envision is a tough leader who towers over the employees and keeps the pressure on. After all, managers by definition are responsible for results, right? True, but what more importantly defines a good manager is his ability to build a team that delivers time and time again. Tyrants seldom keep employees motivated long enough to obtain predictable results. Simply put, being the “Boss” grows old quickly and is ineffective in every company.

Traits of Good Managers

Good managers act like coaches; they suppress their own egos and have a genuine interest in seeing others do well and grow. Managers have to be both goal-oriented and supportive to be effective. Too much of one or the other will not work. Managers should find out what excites each of their people and take the time to make employees’ work more individually rewarding. It takes a long-term perspective as well as a finger on short-term goals to be a great manager of people.

Tips To Hiring A Good Manager

So what should you look for in a manager?

  1. A person who can understand your vision for the company and sees how his department fits.
  2. A person who listens and genuinely likes working with others.
  3. A person who can suppress his ego and put the employee first.
  4. One who understands the importance of goal setting and accountability.
  5. An individual strong enough to tell the truth and offer encouragement.

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