How New Strategies Lose Steam

Every company craves new ideas for building its business and attracting customers. The management of companies attends seminars, hires consultants and employs sales trainers, who mistakenly believe that more and better information is what the business needs. This is a core mistake and is often a huge waste of time and resources.

There is an old military saying that I often refer to in seminars: “Every plan is great, until first contact with the enemy.” Once the routine of the day calls out to you and your people, or deviations occur that were unexpected, the plan goes to the wayside, and the urgent replaces the important. Time passes, and the strategy becomes irrelevant.

Keeping Your Strategy Alive & Following Through

So what should you do, and where should you start? Ask these important questions at the beginning of the planning process:

  • Why didn’t we follow through on last year’s ideas?
  • What are we completely committed to, no matter what, this year?

Do not start something that you cannot or won’t complete. It is better to have a simple plan that you can do, than a complicated ingenious plan that will never, ever be brought to life.

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