Disconnected Employees

Although thought of as the stuff of science fiction, zombies are alive and well in most small businesses, especially in times of crisis. Employees emotionally disconnected to a vision seek only the peace found in knowing that tomorrow will simply be a repeat of today. Their focus is completely on getting through the eight hours under the radar. As we have discussed in the past, every business is a direct reflection of its owner, so like it or not the leader of these zombies is you.

Has the zombie within you killed the entrepreneurial spirit and replaced it with mindless work?

How Complacency Begins & Spreads

The problem with having a busy technician at the wheel of a company is that the employees look to the leader for feedback and guidance. If you are just busy every day then the infection grows. Creativity and excitement slowly die and are replaced by the tyranny of routine.

As 2014 begins, let’s take some time and identify where the passion has gone. The one truth I am sure of is that no one wants to be ordinary; you once held tightly to a dream—let’s start the fire again and watch it spread to reignite you, the employees, and the business.

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