You may want to open your own company for many reasons. Whether it’s a passion for a specific industry or a burning desire to be your own boss, there are many reasons you might want to open the doors. However, one of the biggest reasons for having an organization is to make money.


You need to profit to operate a successful company, and if you’re starting on a shoestring budget, you may want to see profits right away. Looking for the most profitable businesses to start is a smart way to ensure your new firm doesn’t stay in the red too long.

Top Money-Making Businesses

Many types of businesses make money right away, including:

  • Website and logo design: If you have the skills, you can command good fees to design marketing materials such as logos and websites for customers. The upfront costs will be low, since you’ll usually need only a computer and software, and it’s not unusual to ask for a portion of the fee before you start work. Since people with technical skills are in demand, fees can be competitive.
  • Couriers and other manual labor: Garden work, couriers, handyman services and similar businesses don’t usually have significant costs up front, and usually, these types of companies are “cash for services,” so you’ll get paid without having to wait.
  • Bookkeeping and tax preparation: People will pay for your service up front and in some cases may pay you to handle their accounting for the next month, so money will start rolling in quickly. If you have the financial training already, you may not need more than software and a computer.
  • IT repair: If you can repair computers, tablets or any technology or even teach people to use their tech more fully, you can make money up front. Usually, these services are covered on a per-call basis, so you’ll be paid as soon as you do the work. You can also arrange retainers or charge more for weekend or rush jobs, which can help you profit.
  • Consulting and teaching: If you can consult businesses on getting something done or teach someone an in-demand skill, such as a second language, you can set your rate if you show a record of success. Best of all, companies in these industries do not require large outlays of cash upfront, since most of what you need is your own skill.

Starting a Business?

Deciding what type of company to start is part science and part art. You need to do the math and determine demand and forecast cash flow, but you also need to consider where you can succeed and what tasks you will enjoy.

Choosing the right industry is mission-critical, which is why you’ll want to reach out to Coachfirm for business coaching services. We can make sure you set your business up right, helping you avoid the pitfalls that some new owners can fall prey to. Contact Coachfirm today to talk to a business professional about setting your organization up right.