Goals – The Key To Small Business Success

Goals are essential to the long-term success of every small business and for most people, goals are pretty easy to create. Accomplishment is the hard part!

This might help:

  1. Find an accountability partner who has your best interest at heart.
  2. Break the goal down into manageable parts.  Put a deadline to each part.  Share all with your accountability partner.
  3. Delegate what you can with due dates.  Make sure you follow up with your delegates on a regular basis to make sure things are progressing.
  4. Stick to the deadlines and make sure you are doing your part.  Remember, anything worth doing is going to be hard work.  If it wasn’t, everyone would be doing it.
  5. Keep everyone up-to-date on goal progress.  Be honest with your accountability partner.  No excuses!
  6. Adjust as you go if you have to – don’t abandon your goal!
  7. Celebrate when you’ve accomplished your goal.  Remember to acknowledge all who had a part in your success.


If you don’t know where you’re going,
you’ll end up somewhere else.

– Yogi Berra