When you went into business, you had an idea. It might have been as simple as, “I want to be my own boss,” or, “I want to be rich.” Perhaps you saw an opportunity in the marketplace where you wanted to improve something. Think back to that time. What was your reason for taking the risk of starting your own enterprise? Now on a scale of one to ten, rate the emotional energy you feel when you recall that moment. Then look at your business today. Does that same amount of energy still fill you?

What happened to the passion? Has the work become just that—the tyranny of routine? Understanding the power of the question, “What is at the core of your great idea, your business,” is the road back to finding the energy to adapt, change, and pursue your goals and dreams. There is nothing wrong with having your core questioned; things change, and your business is being questioned daily. If the key frustration your business helps solve no longer exists, then maybe it’s time to move on. If the core business is still important to you and your clients, then renew yourself, find the passion, and finish what you started. Remember, there is always someone nipping at your heels—don’t fall asleep.