Have you ever noticed that some companies seem to have “it?” Some organizations just seem to possess the special quality that makes them thrive, even as other businesses in the same industry close their doors.

It’s not a coincidence. Some companies foster specific traits of success that allow them to go the distance. Understanding these characteristics and applying them to your own organization helps you prosper long term.

What Makes a Successful Business?

The signs your company is making it include:

1. Others Contact You

If vendors and suppliers contact you, hoping to get business or if others in the industry want to partner with you, chances are your reputation precedes you in a good way. The same is true if others ask you for your advice, ask you to give speeches and generally seek you out. Even negative customer reviews can be a good sign, provided you reply to them. All of these are signs people are talking about you and looking to you as a player in your industry or community.

2. You Feel You’re Growing

Staying still is the kiss of death in business. When you look back six months, a year or more, you should be seeing signs your organization has changed and evolved.

3. You Feel Some Discomfort

While you don’t want to be in constant stress and reaction, being somewhat unsure is a healthy sign. It means you are taking some risks and moving the needle, which is critical in today’s competitive business environment.

4. You Feel Excitement

Passion is what drives organizations, so if you feel thrilled to show up and get your hands dirty on a new project, that is an excellent sign. It’s normal to not love absolutely every aspect of running your company, but overall, it should be a great ride. Otherwise, what’s the point?

5. Your Network Is Expanding

You should be attracting new people to you, both on social media and in real life. New leads, new talent and new customers and readers are all strong indicators of growth.

6. You Are Reaching Beyond Yourself for Help

You know your business is doing well when you need to hire more employees. More than that, you know you’re on the right track when you decide to invest in yourself and your business with professional development and support systems to allow you to lead at the highest caliber.

How Can You Get More of What Makes a Successful Company?

The keys to a successful business don’t just show up. In reality, all the signs of a strong company are in your control — and you can bring these elements to your organization, no matter how good business is right now.

There’s just one caveat: You can’t do it alone, especially if you’re not sure where you’re aiming. Coachfirm can help. Our executive coaching services arm you with the actionable strategies, approaches and mindset you need to make holistic and impactful changes at your organization. Contact us today to learn more and to get started with executive coaching that can help you become a transformative force in your company.