Do you have a process to pre-qualify your leads?  Are you giving up valuable time talking to people that have no intention of engaging your services?  Every Small Business Owner, including Business Coaches, benefits by narrowing down their leads to potential customers that might actually do business with them.

Your website is a great place to begin the pre-qualification process.  Start with these simple tips:

  1. Make your website very clear about your services and the type of customer with whom you do your best work.Remember, you can’t be everything to everybody; don’t be afraid to narrow down your services offered to the type of prospects you actually want as customers.
  2. Why not put your pricing where everyone can see it? This eliminates some of the tire kickers and helps prevent you from discounting your price, which is always regrettable. Remember, you don’t want to spend time trying to make the sale to every single visitor, only those that have the capacity to pay for your services.
  3. Don’t be a slave to your keywords; get them to work for you. For instance, if you are restaurant in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the keyword phrase “steak dinner” might bring visitors to your site, but “steak dinner in Scranton” brings visitors that could result in actual paying customers. Also, trying to get placement on the first page of Google for “steak dinner” is going to be near impossible, but “steak dinner in Scranton” could be pretty easy. You need a good internet marketing tool to help with this process and one of the best we’ve found is Hubspot.

Protect your sanity with good pre-qualification procedures, they will give you more time and energy for the conversations that turn real leads into real customers.

Every sale has five basic obstacles:
no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust. 

– Zig Ziglar