When someone opens a business, they automatically become CEO or president, whether they have leadership traits or not. Even leaders who are hired for C-suite positions may need some help polishing their abilities. However, many people talk about what it takes to show leadership in business, but few people could come up with an accurate leadership qualities list if asked.

In reality, the 10 qualities of a good leader are:

1. Commitment and Passion

Good leaders are willing to put in hours of work and absolutely believe in the company and its future success.

2. Kindness

The stereotypical executive barking orders in TV shows and movies is not showing strong skills. Most quality presidents and executives show empathy and kindness to everyone who crosses their path.

3. Good Communication Skills

Even with the best vision and ideas, you still need to be able to share your best thoughts in a way that gets people moving.

4. Empowerment and Inspiration

Good CEOs and C-suite executives lead by example. People want to stay and work with them to learn and to get a little of the magic they show up with every day.

5. Creativity

Smart executives are always learning and thinking outside the box, bringing new ideas to the table to excite not only employees but to stir up the market and stay ahead of the pack.

6. Confidence

Leaders don’t second-guess or hesitate. They understand that sometimes choosing a path forward, even if it’s not perfect, is better than being paralyzed with indecision.

7. Integrity

Honesty is integral to setting an example for the team and creating an organization customers trust.

8. An Ability to Take Risks

Staying in one place in business is a sure-fire way to fail. Organizations need to be innovating and trying new things, and that means the talent at the top needs to know how to take calculated risks that can move a business forward.

9. Vulnerability

Sharing with the team and being willing to show up fully as a human, flaws and all, is important to establish trust and to create a passionate team willing to follow you everywhere. All too often, executives worry about being “perfect” and in so doing push away those who would be most loyal to them.

10. Big Vision

Bright talents are able to see the forest for the trees. They are able to look beyond everyday operations to the grand vision for what an organization could become. They consider all stakeholders and hold in their mind and heart the grand future the entire team is working toward.

Business Leadership Qualities

Do you have these qualities of a great trailblazer? Could you work on some skills to become a better director, president, CEO, owner or executive? Coachfirm executive coaching takes the traits you already have and helps you strategically build on them so you can inspire your team, make a difference and make waves. Contact us today to find out more about our executive coaching solutions.