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Small Business Owners: Don’t Be A Lemming!

Tough economic times require decisions that are as unique as your business. Why then, are so many independent business owners following the pack and taking action that could significantly hurt, if not kill, their business going forward? Re-think the lay-offs. Think about it: If other companies are reducing their workforce; they are, in effect, backing […]

Tweaking the Tried & True?

If you’re taken with the increasingly popular social media trends and spend any time at all on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook; you could be feeling a little overwhelmed by the multitude of ideas.  I know I am. As business owners we can’t ignore popular trends, but I wonder if the constant learning, re-learning and worrying if we […]

Owing a Small Business: Pain or Pleasure?

Does it feel like your Small Business has done nothing but put you in debt and suck up all your free time? You’re not alone. Almost every Small Business Owner struggles under the weight of responsibility that comes with entrepreneurship. Someone I respect a great deal once told me, “When you own something, it owns you.” […]

Reduce Time Spent On Tire Kickers

Do you have a process to pre-qualify your leads?  Are you giving up valuable time talking to people that have no intention of engaging your services?  Every Small Business Owner, including Business Coaches, benefits by narrowing down their leads to potential customers that might actually do business with them. Your website is a great place to […]

Don’t Give Up Too Soon

Do you give up too quickly?  Instead of abandoning a plan all together, maybe it’s just time to re-group. Every plan isn’t a born winner; you have to mold it, test it and adjust it.  Having the strength to admit what works and what doesn’t is an important aspect of every successful entrepreneur. Talk to a […]

No Blame Zone

Building and maintaining a family owned company is challenging, even trying at times. An off-hand comment can quickly escalate into an emotionally charged argument that can bring a business to a grinding halt. As Family Business Owners, we are better served by finding a way to help rather than a way to blame. There is […]