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If you are a business owner who is open to change and willing to invest the work needed to secure a bright, profitable future for your company, we stand ready to help. Our services include on-site coaching and phone conference coaching worldwide.

Because no two business challenges are alike, each coaching package is custom designed. Listed below are the options we offer:

Complimentary Discovery Meeting

If you’re open to the idea of learning more about business coaching, the best way to proceed is to set up a complimentary discovery meeting. It gives us the opportunity to learn more about your business concerns as well as to answer any questions you might have about the business coaching process. No pressure. The purpose is simply to see whether we might be a fit.

Executive Coaching

Focused, direct interaction between the owner(s) of the business and the coach, executive coaching is the most intense and quickest way to create change in a company. The program is custom designed to identify the friction points that hold the business back and the keys to renewing the passion and purpose of the enterprise.

Sales Team Coaching

Sales is the essential component to every company’s health and prosperity. Sales team coaching is a unique way to engage the entire department in the process of growth and success. This is accomplished by the introduction of new ideas, techniques, and focused training. Goals are set for the group, and the coach acts as an accountability partner to make sure those goals are attained.

Professional Services Firm Coaching

Insurance agents, financial advisers, lawyers, and doctors have unique concerns and challenges. CoachFirm has designed custom learning and business development programs especially for small and midrange professional services firms. Whether you work for a larger company or own the firm yourself, this program will help you solve the issues of managed growth, planning, and accountability.

For the price of a part-time employee, you could transform your business into a self-sufficient, profitable enterprise. Call us at (888) 777-0303.

Develop a strategy based on three decades of business experience.

Develop a strategy based on three decades of business experience.

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