Working with a Business Coach refocuses your energy and opens up a whole new world of possibilities…

CoachFirm Business Coaches have the experience and the program to address your most challenging business problems. Not only will we keep you focused, on target and accountable, we will take you through our proprietary Bizpods® Coaching Program. The program consists of 45 individual lessons that were developed from real-life business experiences that will help to correct the damaging behaviors which sabotage every small business.

The cornerstone concept of the Small Business Success System™ is one of balance. This concept, The S.O.M.E. Method™, addresses the most critical problem facing Small Business Owners today: A lack of synergy between Sales, Operations, Money & Employees. Our experience has been that the majority of business owners favor one of the four and that most business issues stem from a lack of attention to the remaining three. Business Owners will learn to balance all four with The S.O.M.E. Method™. Pairing The S.O.M.E Method™ with Rapid Lessons such as The Old Guard, Nice Guy Syndrome and Friction Points will secure them a spot in the fast lane toward success.

CoachFirm business coaching is far from touchy-feely and requires a strong commitment from each of the clients we take through our process. We work hard to keep you on track and committed to your business goals. If you are willing to commit the time and energy needed to make positive and lasting change – we stand ready to help.

Focus, determination & motiviation

Focus, determination & motiviation

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